Fees and payment terms

Seller account registration, product listing and product collection is free in return for using Libazon as your exclusive third-party online channel; that is, you sell your products only on Libazon’s website, your own website or in your stores).

We only charge a product referral fee of 10% calculated on the sale price of each product sold.

We also charge a processing fee of US $1.00 for each basket. If customers buy multiple products from the same Seller in the same basket, the Seller is only charged US $1.00.

When your item sells, we collect the amount paid by the customer. We deduct our fees and pay you the balance either through bank transfer, banker’s cheque or using OMT (depending on the preferred method you select at registration).

We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that your payment is released to you within 5 business days and in any event not later than 7 business days after delivery.

You can find our full Seller Terms here .

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