HG Oven, grill and barbecue cleaner

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    HG Oven, grill and barbecue cleaner removes caked-on and burnt-in grease from ovens, grills, barbecues and baking trays quickly and thoroughly Our oven cleaner is also extremely suitable for removing discolouring from stainless-steel hobs Our oven and bbq cleaner removes baked on food and grease in no time! Cleaning caked-on food and grease in an oven, grill or baking tray is usually a tough job, but our grease cleaner makes it easy. Even cleaning the barbecue is a simple task with our barbecue cleaner Spray the surface, leave the liquid to work for 3 to 5 minutes and then clean with a wet sponge. After all the grease has been removed, clean the oven or grill once more with hot water.