Kenwood Blender Triblade HDP100WG

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    The Kenwood HDP100WG hand blender is the ideal hand blender to start your culinary journey and experiment with flavour in your daily cooking and baking. The three angled blades of our Triblade System ensure all ingredients are reached and blended exactly as you need, and in less time. Whether you’re making a smooth pie filling or a creamy soup, they’ll be able to tackle it perfectly and effortlessly. Box Contains: 1x Kenwood Hand Blender HDP100WG. Features & details: PATENTED BLADE TECHNOLOGY: The patented Triblade technology is a combination of innovations designed to create the most effective blending system BLEND IT ALL: One speed plus turbo for blending smoothies, health drinks, dips, sauces and desserts in less time and for the whole family to enjoy CULINARY JOURNEY: Start your culinary journey with this hand blender with bayonet fit attachments for easy fit and removal EASY COOKING: Plastic Triblade wand makes for easy cooking and clean up after you're done. Whether you’re making a smooth pie filling or a creamy soup, you'll be able to tackle it perfectly COMFORT AND SIMPLICITY: The textured grip handle will help you control your blending, so you can create the perfect texture for your tasty dishes.