Yorkshire Tea Decaf 160 Tea Bags

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    Pack of 160 Tea Bags Yorkshire Tea: Perfectionists that we are, we put a lot of time into developing our blends - but the time we spent thinking about our Decaf really took the biscuit. That's because we simply refused to compromise on taste. Tea is delicate, so it can really lose its flavour when it's decaffeinated. But it didn't seem fair that cutting down on caffeine meant missing out on a proper brew. So, after a lot of thought, we decided to do something about it. Luckily for us, Ian, our Head of Tea, loves a challenge. Working closely with our suppliers, Ian and his team tasted literally thousands of different teas to find ones that didn't lose their flavour during decaffeination. In fact, over a year of trial and error went by before they hit upon exactly the right combination of top quality East African teas. The result is a satisfying decaf that gives you all the colour and flavour you'd expect from Yorkshire tea.